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The Blue Mars Virtual World Platform is made up of the Blue Mars Client, the Blue Mars Sandbox Editors,, and the
Blue Mars Servers.

Blue Mars Client

The free Blue Mars Client is your window into our free to play massively multiplayer virtual world made up of an expanding set of independently operated Cities that feature unique themes, activities, and attractions. Through the Blue Mars Client, users can participate in a wide variety of entertainment, educational, and productivity experiences.

Blue Mars Sandbox Editors

The free Blue Mars Sandbox Editors are the bridge between your offline content and the online Blue Mars world. Our Editors work in concert with digital content creation tools like 3DSMax, Maya, Blender, and SketchUp to create immersive 3D spaces and upload them into the virtual world. Using the Blue Mars Sandbox Editors, developers can arrange geometry, script interactive features, define items for sale, manage shop and residence interiors, preview lighting conditions, adjust time of day, create shops, manage land, develop terrain and vegetation, choose textures, adjust shaders, and much more. Our editors are “What you see is what you play” so the view of your offline content in the Editor is exactly how it will appear in the online environment. is the central hub for discovery, community, and user and developer account management. Everything from currency balances, friend lists, messaging, business intelligence, inventory, virtual land, search, shopping, and account information will be managed through the web site.

Blue Mars Servers

The Blue Mars Servers distribute the content uploaded into the virtual world by developers, manage the global item and inventory database, and coordinate the movement, actions, and communication of the users exploring Blue Mars. Our advanced server architecture can support many thousands of users simultaneously in the same location.

Platform > About

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